Tell us what you have been up to since graduating high school.

After graduating high school in 2014 I served a two-year proselyting mission for my church in Oklahoma. Soon after returning in the summer of 2016, I enrolled at Arizona State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. After my freshman year of college, my brother and I decided to start a construction company here in the Valley. We first started as a home remodeling business, however, we now specialize in custom home building as General Contractors. We work alongside architects and civil engineers for all things pertaining to homebuilding. In the coming year, we are on pace to get started in heavy civil work which includes transportation and road construction. A year before I graduated I was hired on as a civil engineer intern for a small firm and went on full time soon after I graduated in 2020. Last year I decided to take my skills and talents to one of the biggest locally owned Engineering firms in Arizona, EPS Group Inc. My current position is as a civil engineer in the Public Works department.  We cultivate innovative solutions in roadway design and project management for major transportation projects in public and private markets. During this past summer, I was admitted and accepted into the Masters of Architecture program at Arizona State University and the Masters of Civil Engineering program at Northern Arizona University. On top of all of that my wife and I welcomed our first child in March to our family. He has been nothing but a blessing and joy in our lives.

What impact did the Club have in helping you prepare for where you are now?

Career-wise the club was the major reason I was introduced to engineering. Through their programs, I was able to understand and experience firsthand how amazing the world of engineering can be for everyone. I was able to learn from real-life engineers and the purpose behind their work. Furthermore, character and leadership programs such as Keystone helped develop the person I am today. Their programs helped keep me engaged on a path to where I am today. The primary thing the club taught me is that nothing is given and everything is earned.

What would you say to someone who says Scottsdale kids don’t need Boys & Girls Clubs?

Personally, the Club was a second home for me. Everyone inside the Club is like a family. The Club has helped people I know be better prepared to enter both adulthood and the workforce. In the Club, everyone is held accountable and without the Club, many of today’s youth would not have the same foundation of success that they have now. Out of the numerous club member alumni that I know, some of them are teachers, parents, business owners, audio technicians, people who make up the very fabric of our communities. Without the Club, many of these people would not be where they are now.


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