21st Century Leaders

We are committed to developing our country’s future generations of productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Our programs are centered around community service, advocacy and activism designed to foster young people’s integrity and good character, their ability to make positive life choices, their belief that they can bring about positive change, and compassion and willingness to serve others.

Our focus on character and citizenship is not only fundamental to youth development, it is critically needed to address some of the issues young people face today that can compromise their social, emotional and physical well-being.


  • Service Learning
  • Social Responsibility
  • Character + Leadership
  • Advocacy + Activism

Globally Competitive Graduates

Fostering globally competitive graduates is important for young people and our nation as we prepare the next generation of business, tech, science and thought leaders. The health of our economy and our communities increasingly depends on a well-educated workforce. Adults with bachelor’s degrees earn more than twice as much as those without a high school diploma and nearly 59 percent more than those with high school diplomas.

Our programs are designed to support academic achievement and facilitate success for our Club kids. We offer homework help, tutoring, educational enrichment, workforce development and college preparation programs.


  • Project Learn
  • STEM
  • Brain Gain
  • Career Exploration

Healthy Game-Changers

Our programs promote teamwork, healthy choices and emotional intelligence.

National initiatives recommend that youth participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes per day. However, most studies show that youth, especially girls, fall short of this recommendation. Our Clubs provide fun, creative ways for kids of all skill and fitness levels to get moving.

We encourage and promote commitments to healthy lifestyles and nutrition with educational experiences, physical challenges, recreational activities and youth sports. We focus on positive and productive ways to help kids learn to overcome challenges and bounce back from adversity.


  • Play
  • Fitness + Nutrition
  • Life Skills
  • Resiliency

Innovative Dream-Makers

We are committed to inspiring a generation of innovative leaders with the skills to succeed in the 21st century.

Our programming uses experiences, knowledge and creativity to find solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In recognizing that all kids have unique gifts and abilities, we encourage youth to explore positive passions and big ideas. We create opportunities for our Club kids to explore, express and execute those big ideas. We actively foster emerging talents and help youth realize their dreams in creative expression.


  • Creative Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Emerging Talent