Where Are They Now – Alumni Spotlight: Q & A with Christina Kehoe

Tell us what you have been up to since graduating high school.

After graduating high school, I attended Arizona State University where I earned my undergraduate degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration. I later earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix. From there, I spent about a decade working in the tech industry in marketing roles. I was named as the Top 20 People to Know in Startups by the Phoenix Business Journal. Recently, I transitioned into the sports industry where I am a Marketing Manager for the Arizona Coyotes as well as a Mites Head Coach for an all-girls hockey association, the Arizona Kachinas.

What impact did the Club have in helping you prepare for where you are now?

The club exposed me to a variety of sports and activities I would not have otherwise tried. I remember trying basketball, gymnastics, and art classes. I ended up becoming more active in my school’s sports programming as a result. It’s a great testament to kick-starting healthy habits at a young age.

What would you say to someone who says Scottsdale kids don’t need Boys & Girls Clubs?

I think no matter a child’s background or circumstances, it’s important to have exposure to different sports, cultures, and activities aside from those they have been accustomed to. It really provides a more holistic worldview. The clubs do that: They give kids a safe space to try new things while building confidence and leadership skills. All kids need that.

What inspired you to volunteer to help develop an alumni program?

After joining the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Associate Board, I ran into Virginia G. Piper Branch Director Christian Sanft who like me attended the Osborn Branch growing up.

It’s very cool to connect with others who have a similar childhood experience.


Did you grow up at a Club?
Are you looking for ways to re-engage?
Can your story inspire others?

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