Specialized Camps

Specialized Camps:

  • Art Camp-Threads
  • Lego Camp- Academy of Engineering
  • Design Camp- Music Making and Photo Illustration

The Piper Branch is getting ready to complete our first session of Specialized Camps, which have been a great success. The Camps that our members had the opportunity to participate in for the last few months included: Art Camp-Threads, Lego Camp-Academy of Engineering and Design Camp-Music Making & Photo Illustration. Threads is an introduction to sewing for members’ third grade and above. Members learn basic hand stitching, cutting and pinning fabric, and the basic fundamentals of using a sewing machine. Some of the projects that members completed included: a dinosaur hoodie, t-shirt trick or treat bags, and embroidered masks. In Academy of Engineering members learned the basic foundations of Mechanical Engineering, Structures and Architecture, and Software Engineering by completing an exciting array of hands-on activities. Some of the projects that the members enjoyed most were: ramps, programming cars, and compound machines. Lastly, in Design Camp members created unique songs using music making software, manipulated photos while learning about graphic design, and began work on a live action movie. In this class members truly had the opportunity to make each project their own and show off their creativity using technology.