Book Buddies Program

The Kindergartners and 6th graders at the McKee Branch have been working and learning together in the Book Buddies program.  The group chose to read “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt.  After reading the book, they worked on activities and games together that related to the book.  The group chose to put on a play and re-enact the book.  Each Kindergartner picked a different crayon color to represent.  The 6th graders served as “coaches” and helped the Kindergartners learn and memorize their lines.  After 8 weeks and a lot of practice, the group performed their play at the Barnes & Noble in Scottsdale on Shea and 90th Street on Tuesday, November 4th.  Parents and friends came to watch the group.  It was a great show and all of our members did a fantastic job memorizing their lines!